It all began in the year 1939, with the founding of the firm Emil Streit & Co, in beautiful Gablonz on Neiße, in what is now the Czech Republic. Production began with glass stones, beads and buttons.


In 1945, the firm moved to Kaufbeuren, in the part of Bavaria known as the allgäu. Part of the Hübner family remained in what was at that time Czechoslovakia. This would be of great importance 45 years later!

The firm, with the help of home-workers, began with a small production in Kaufbeuren. At that time firms specialised in Gablonz products, which were made in Neugablonz by many hundreds of producers. It was thus possible to offer customers optimal value for money, world-wide.


In 1978, the material Cubic Zirconia was quickly recognized as being ideal for the production of imitation diamonds. The distribution of Cubic Zirconia stones, together with a partner outwith Germany, was pushed. Materials followed such as spinels, corundun, rock crystals and semi-precious stones.


In 1990, shortly after the velvet revolution, production of glass stones, beads and diamanté borders was begun in the Czech Republic by the Hübner family members who had remained there.


With a close business partner in Hong-Kong, production was also expanded to the asian market.


In 2008, the firm EMIL STREIT & CO GMBH was renamed streitstones GmbH.


In 2012, the headquarters of the firm moved from Kaufbeuren to Steinholz.


TODAY, with a worldwide network of our own production, befriended production, and production under contract, we are in the position to offer top quality at an internationally reasonable price, combined with excellent service. 


Whether it be buttons and trimmings for Oman airlines, Singapore Airlines, or for the Ministry in Dubai, or precision stones for Dior, Joop or other well-known brands, exclusive stones for Davidoff spectacles, esoteric crystals and coloured crystals for customers worldwide, we are driven by one goal : best quality, best price, best service!


After 81 years, we continue to be driven to offer firms worldwide a‚ ‘‘BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE‘‘!